The Mayhem Syndicate CALI Compensator System (w/barrel)

The Mayhem Syndicate CALI Compensator System (w/barrel)


The game has been changed.  Introducing the Mayhem Syndicate Carry Compensator.

The proprietary match fit barrel/compensator system is designed to give you the benefits of a competition pistol in your daily concealed carry package.  The Mayhem Carry Comp gives your G19/17/26 optimal gas dispersion for increased recoil control in a package the overall length and profile of a Glock 1 size up.  

So this means:

G26 will have OAL of G19

G19 will have OAL of G17

G17 will have OAL of G34

For mounting, we went with a precision wire EDM cut on the barrel and compensator to give the system a perfect fit.  Held together by a roll pin so things aren't too tight and not too loose either.  The takeaway for you? No more set screws to back out on the range or Loctite to burn off in cleaning.

Boasting improved balance, weight, and size over other designs, now you can carry a compensated gun AIWB without smashing the important things.


Platform- G19

Ports: 3

OAL: G17 slide length (will fit in a G17 holster)

Barrel: Match fit proprietary BLACK NITRIDE finished threaded barrel design in partnership with S3F Solutions. THIS SYSTEM WILL NOT WORK WITH A STANDARD THREADED BARREL.

Retention: Roll Pin

Gunsmithing required: None

This is a PRE-ORDER.  First run pre-order will be open from 5/13/17 - 6/17/17.  Orders will ship 7 weeks from the closing date.  We really appreciate all your support, and the earlier you can get your orders in, the better.  It helps us ensure a smooth process and on-time delivery.  


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting Mayhem Syndicate.  We will continue to work hard and bring you new innovations that change the marketplace.

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