Mayhem Syndicate is a group of current and former Military, Law Enforcement Officers, Adventurers, Athletes, and Trainers who came together after observing shortcomings in the way we train and recover for our respective pursuits.

At the heart of everything we do is musculoskeletal health.  What we call rehab and prehab techniques to keep you healthy and ready for the next adventure, next training day, and next battle.

Built upon the rehab and prehab is athletic conditioning.  Mayhem Syndicate's coaches offer custom designed athletic performance consulting to build you a training system designed around your goals, capabilities, and equipment.  Our biomechanics and physiology expertise will take you to the next level of functional athletic capability for whatever your daily life throws at you.

The culmination of all our gym training is our interest in helping you defend yourself and your family if the need should arise in the real world.  Mayhem is not your Krav Maga or BJJ gym, and it's not your run of the mill concealed carry course.  We are bringing specific, custom products that you can use and train with.

At the forefront of everything we offer is a meticulous concern over quality.  We promise to test and re-test every single product we offer and put them through the ringer before we offer it to you.  When you trust us, we want you to know we take it seriously.